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Our defensive driving guide gives you smart driving skills to keep you safe-and it's FREE!

  • Utilize safe-driving skills
  • Prevent dangers on the road
  • Be a better driver

Between road hazards, pedestrians, and mobile phone, it seems that distractions are everywhere. So I Drive Safely has compiled a free guide to teach smart drivers about dealing with distractions on the road.

Online Drivers

Earning your license and becoming a smart driver are two big responsibilities. I Drive Safely can make them both happen.


I Drive Safely offers a professional behind-the-wheel driving lessons to give you the skills you need to become a smart driver.

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Online, from any device, and teaches you safe driving skills so you can avoid points on your record, insurance hikes-and any future tickets.

I Drive Safely is 100% committed to helping you drive safely. Because when everyone drives defensively, everyone wins.

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